Episod 1.   From the Beginning. Episod 11.   Its my choice.
Episod 2.   Firth kiss. Episod 12.   Who am I?
Episod 3.  10 years later. We meet again. Episod 13.   Without my memory?
Episod 4.   Home is where the heart is Episod 14.   The first time.

Episod 5.   Are you really... Episod 15.   My past.
Episod 6.   Who are you? Episod 16.   The proposal.
Episod 7.   Reasons of  love. Episod 17.   The marriage.
Episod 8.   Who do you love? Episod 18.   The firth & last time.
Episod 9.   Which road to take... Episod 19.   Goodbye and I love you.
Episod 10.   The road to home. Episod 20.   Till the end.


Bae Yong Jun: Kang Joon Sang / Lee Man Yeong
Choi Ji Woo: Jung Yu Jin
Park Yong Ha: Kim Sang Hyuk
Park So Mei: Wu Choi Lim

Jung Xin Zhou (Jung Yu Jin's  father)
Kim Zhen Yu (Kim Sang Hyuk's father)
Kang Mei Xi (Kang Joon Sang's mother)
Chun Lung Kok (Yu Jin's friend)
Hung Zhen Suk (Yu Jin's friend)

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